At Almot Logistics, we are proud of our efficient and reliable logistics operations. Thanks to our own dedicated car fleet, and by joint motivation to improve, we offer faultless transport and distribution of goods in order to support our dealer chains, and to deliver to our customer’s needs.

Goods managment

Goods management plays a huge part in effective functioning of your company. By optimising resources we minimise the risk of imperfect orders.


Managing stock is one of the most important pieces of the logistic process. By controlling the stock, you can better control your costs and minimalize lack of stock for deliveries.

What does Almot Logistics offer

Goods distribution

Goods distribution to car dealerships using all the correct methods of safety and ensuring the goods get there on time, ensuring quick and problem free deliveries, which are key to staying on top in the motorsport market.

Delivery management

Luxury car dealer.

Almot Logistic Team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who thoroughly plan and realise every step of the delivery process. Our priority is to deliver on time and safely, using the latest technologies and the best methods from the market in order to optimise the experience and to keep the costs down.

Our logistics team plays a very important role in keeping the transportation process efficient. We understand the need of clear communications with the customer, and we offer the best services for our clients and partners. We deliver to dealers, manage stock, and coordinate the delivery process.

Mission of the Almot Logistic team

By focusing on innovations and improvement, we aim to exceed expectations, and to adjust our process with the needs and the wants of the market. We can help your business in all logistical aspects of your business.